ABC Amber Text Merger

ABC Amber Text Merger

ABC Amber Text Merger allows the user to combine multiple documents...

ABC Amber Text Merger allows the user to combine multiple documents into one single document. This is really necessary because it saves the time and reduces the efforts.

Often it is much better to keep all information in one file (easier to store, easier to send, easier to share, easier to present, easier to search, easier to work)Do you need to combine your multiple Word documents into a single, for example, PDF file?

Then ABC Amber Text Merger will help you do it easily and quickly. Features of the program include the ability to: combine multiple documents into a single document, support a great number of file types (text formats, hypertext formats, Microsoft formats, Adobe formats, MS Word processing formats, spreadsheet formats, database formats, etc.

), save and restore the list of documents to merge to, support advanced PDF export options (document information, 40/128 bits PDF encryption, different PDF security options, page size and page orientation support, resolution mode, compression mode, PDF version support, viewer options, embedding), and much more.

Also there is a merge documents sample. Procedure for combining documents: Click Add files button. Select a file format and the documents to merge to.

To select more than one, keep the Ctrl button pressed while clicking. You can select beginning of a list of files making click on first item and keep Shift key pressed when select last item (make click on last item).

Click OK" button. Now you can see the files have been added to the list. Repeat 1-3 steps if you would like to add more documents or the documents of other types.

Choose a format to export. Click Save As Button. Click Start Button. ABC Amber Text Merge will start combining multiple documents immediately. Wait a minute and then enjoy.

ABC Amber Text Merger


ABC Amber Text Merger

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